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Wilmington, Delaware

Lee Murphy, 2018 United States Congressional candidate, has informed the Delaware Republican Party Leadership and its members of the opening of his 2020 Exploratory Committee for U.S. Congress of Delaware.

“Delaware needs a Representative who will support and fight for our President, Donald Trump,” Murphy said in a statement to Republican Party officials. “I am excited about what awaits us over the next few weeks and months and the potential for 2020. Only if we all work together will we have a chance to defeat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the radical socialist-leaning Democrat Party.”

Murphy will spend the next few weeks talking with family, friends, voters throughout the state and leaders across the country to decide whether he will take another shot at Delaware’s lone seat in the U. S. House of Representatives.

“I want to determine if I have the support of the citizens of Delaware to go to Congress and fight alongside our President to combat issues like the Opioid Crisis, which is an issue very close to my heart. Do the voters of Delaware want someone who will fight against socialism, big government, sanctuary status for Delaware, open borders and abortion after 20 weeks?”

During his 2018 run at Delaware’s U.S. Congress seat, Murphy was, and continues to be, an avid supporter of the President’s “America First” agenda. In July of 2018, highly respected polling firm, Gravis Marketing, as reported by Real Clear Politics, had Murphy quickly closing the gap between himself and Congresswoman Rochester-Blunt.

Murphy attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DE from February 27th-March 3rd, to continue fostering relationships with conservative leaders from across the country. Photos, as well as interviews on television, radio and podcasts, will be shared on his Facebook page, @goMurph2020 “Lee Murphy 2020,” and other social media.

Lee resides in Bellefonte and is the proud father of three children and grandfather of four grandchildren, two of whom he is helping to raise. Lee has been a professional model and actor for 30 years, having appeared in House of Cards and Queen Sugar, dozens of print ads and commercials, with three national commercials running presently. Lee was a coach and teacher in his early career, and retired after 35 years as an Engineer and Conductor with Amtrak. He was a church parish and civic association president, and has been actively involved in Big Brothers of Delaware and politics for many years.

For interviews & media inquiries, please contact Committee Director, Sherry Jarrell, at [email protected]